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Terms of use of credit cards and debit cards at Kiva Credit

1.Terms of use

1.By adding this card the customer agrees that the card information is declared only once and is used by default for transactions using the card then without declaring it.

2.Customer card information will be kept strictly confidential KivaCredit under the legal provisions of the current electronic trading.

3.Customer agrees on will provide accurate cardholder information to verify the user's home service in case of KivaCredit Card suspected of fraudulent transactions. Customers must commit to the information provided to Kiva Credit is honest and accurate. If there are errors, tampering or disputes arising shall be entitled to cancel the KivaCredit service provider.

4.In the case of complaints, the customer is required to provide invoices by KivaCredit transactions sent to the email address of the customer to verify the transactions performed by the customer. So customers are advised to provide information accurate email address to receive a transaction receipt.

5.Customers committed to using their cards and use security measures card information, do not use another person's card and not for others to use your card. In the case of suspicion or complaints from cardholders, KivaCredit has the right to limit or temporarily lock the account KivaCredit to verify and go to get money due to fraudulent transactions.